Lumi World


CEO: Minh Vo

  • 8 - year experience in online business, ownership of over 30 websites with more than 5 million views per day
CTO: Hung Phan
  • Full-Stack Developer, technical advisor, application development expert on Facebook and Google platforms.
Director of Business: Nguyen Le
  • Co-founder - Former Head of Operation - Gapo Social Network
  • 10 - year experience in building products and communities
  • The administrator of many community groups with over 10 million members
Web Developer: Truyen Nguyen
  • 10 - year experience in developing ERP enterprise software and Web Developer
Game Leader: Tri Duong
  • 10 - year experience in developing online multiplayer games
Blockchain Leader: Wd Yang
  • Expert in building and developing cryptocurrency exchanges and smart contracts
Game Designer: Kien Nguyen
  • 14 - year experience in game graphic design
  • Participate in important game projects of famous Studios such as Hiker Game, Afoli, Egame Corp, VTC Online...
Community Development Manager: Tu Nguyen
  • 8 - year working in gaming community development
  • Organize online game events and e-sports games at famous Vietnam companies such as UCWeb, VTC Intecom, VTC Online, VTVlive
Blockchain Dev: Thanh Mai
  • 2 - year experience as a blockchain developer and a blockchain platform algorithms solver
Unity Developer: Tien Duong
  • Specialist in supporting and programming J2ME games (Nokia), Unity platform
Blockchain Dev: Thong Nguyen
  • 5 - year experience working as a blockchain developer and Defi, building and developing DEX
Art Director: Kei Nguyen
  • 8 - year experience as a Creative Director, Producer of advertising projects, animation advertising, lead 2D art; Director of animation - short animation music video
3D Artist Leader: Tu Thanh
  • 7 - year working in Creative and Advertising field
  • Many years of experience working in 2D animation and 3D General Artists. He is also the director of Shopee's TVC short.