Lumi World

Partners Integration

For the future, Lumi World will focus on developing a sustainable platform for partners to participate in the development and diversification of their businesses. This would then attract customers and in turn generate revenue, such as entertainment services, games, etc. Here are some services that partners can refer to
  • Gemini Zoo
  • Solar Park
  • Mercury Lake
  • LEO Opera
  • Cupid Bridge
  • Miracle Museum
Simultaneously, partners will collaborate with Lumi City to do the following:
  • Produce mini games (for Developers).
  • Organize music events, film screenings, shopping, and live streaming (for KOLs).
If you or your team are developers/KOLs owing Dream City real estates, you may hook up with us to construct and trade almost anything according to your own intention at the property you already own and then benefit from it.