Lumi World

Dream City

No longer a miniature dwelling, Dream City comes up with a diverse, unlimited and distance-free ecosystem for players and investors. A vibrant city brimming with light and luxuries will always have something for the players to enjoy.
Lumi City will be split into four main zones, each with its own set of characteristics:
Buffer Zone
Outskirts Zone
Residential Zone
City Center
This is an area with a low population density. Focusing mainly on large-scale construction such as Wind power generation, wastewater treatment plants, animal farms, etc.
The area is dedicated to different activities and entertainment, such as Horse racing, shooting, polo and others.
City goers live here in different residential structures, including houses, apartments and villas. There are market districts with shops, discos, pubs, and other entertainment hubs.
Furthermore, many recreational activities with positive intellectual qualities will be available in the residential area, such as chess, tic tac toe, billiards, and so on.
This is the most flashy, most spectacular area. Landmark constructions will appear here.
This will be the place where high-end activities such as buying and selling NFT equipment will take place.
Appear on rental billboards such as airplanes, banners, and advertising balloons.
Also, there will be minigames with NFT rewards here.
Iconic construction
Antagonistic activity construction
Construction for residential community and entertainment
High-class construction and personalized
Dream City is a diverse and limitless ecosystem, as previously indicated. Even though it is divided into four distinct zones with distinct characteristics, it will not be completely enclosed. Instead, the Lumiers' efforts have allowed them to expand to new regions and islands.
So, what can gamers do and play in the above zones?
After a long and stressful day at work, Lumiers can go with friends and family to a residential zone or city center to attend concerts at discos, pubs or participate in minigames. People can simply chat and enjoy themselves through various leisure activities. Lumiers can also participate in various special events, such as festivals, meetings, birthday celebrations, and outdoor parties. On weekends, Lumiers will frequently travel to the city's outskirts with their partners to participate in exciting activities such as shooting, horse racing, and so on. You can visit the buffer zone for those who love sightseeing to see the iconic national works.
In addition to recreational activities, Lumiers has the right to engage in business and build cities. Players can make profits by buying a lot of land and then creating businesses such as restaurants, cafes and malls. Moreover, Lumiers can rent and trade items with other Lumiers on the Marketplace.
To get to know more about the latest happenings and the city itself, players can pay a visit to the Info Center, which contains vital information about Lumi World and as well as get the Lumi World map.

Lumi DAO

LMD and asset holders may stake LMD to participate in the governance of Lumi World and other potential rewards. Forming a community, they will have the right to decide their own future and build a bright world for themselves. Here are some other features that will be added soon:
  • Get married
  • Own pets
  • Go fishing
  • Partner integration party game
  • Celebrity fan club
  • Advertising
If you or your team are developers/KOLs owning Dream City real estate, you may hook up with us to construct and trade almost anything according to your own intention at the property you’ve already own and benefit from it. Click here for more details of Partners Intergration.