Lumi World

Entertainment Zone

The most prominent feature in the Lumi world is the “Entertainment Zone''. Lumiers can participate in different fun and intelligent games and tasks for rewards. To participate in these games, players need to buy tickets using an in-game token called $MiCoin.

These are the different game modes in the Entertainment Zone:

PVE Mode – Player Versus Environment

This is a single-player mode in which players can earn rewards by completing tasks and activities in the Lumi World. Players can earn $MiCoin and in-game items. Players can discover rare valuable items that can be sold in the Marketplace or traded with other players.

PVP Mode – Player Versus Player

The PVP mode is a multiplayer mode where players compete with each other in a series of competitions such as Tic Tac Toe, Billionaire Chess, Bomberman, Squid game and other interesting minigames. The victorious players are rewarded with the in-game $MiCoin token and other valuable items.

Tournament Mode

In Lumi World, a series of exciting tournaments with various levels and rewards will be hosted all the time. These tournaments will be held following eSport standards. Details on participating, competition regulations and awards will be announced to players soon.
Last modified 1yr ago