Lumi World
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Lumi Factory

Lumi Factory is the production version of Lumiverse, where players will be able to set up different kinds of factories and start manufacturing items. Ranging from clothes and vehicles to home appliances and even homes, there is no limit to what can be created.
WIth LumiWorld spreading over 6km2 of total area, it is divided into two zones, fixed and flexible. Fixed zones are areas that have different in-game activities and places, but are not owned by players. On the other hand, players can buy and own locations within the flexible zones.
Players need three distinct ownership to start their production:
  • Land: A factory must be founded on a piece of land. Real estate is rare and limited, making it imperative that players buy land early on.
  • Factory: Players can build a factory on the land they own. Initially, there will be three types of factories that will help run the economy and the ecosystem of Lumiworld.
  • Method: The land available will be sold in limited quantities in different phases. Getting hands within each phase will be essential as, without land, factories cannot be set up.