Lumi World

Our Story

From the Dark Era to the Green Future.

The Earth is almost dead. Heavily polluted, it gradually approaches the point of no return. The population declined, crime rates rose, conflicts, plagues and wars occurred everywhere. All hopes of mankind had withered.
Like a miracle, humanity’s survival arose with a technological breakthrough: the discovery of a new element called Lumirium. The element has the power to change all of humanity's future and save Earth. A green future is now possible.
Lumius is the first non-physical element proven to exist and its properties allow for endless practical everyday applications.
Lumius is known as the Sun Bead because of its remarkable properties, like a miniature sun but mellow and friendly as if a pearl.
The first application is transplanting Lumius in plants to stimulate growth. Plants infused with Lumius give them extended life (thousands of times than original), have almost infinite vitality and gain the ability to adapt to various harsh environments.
Thanks to Lumius, crops can once again be grown, providing fruit and other food to sustain human life. Barren forest lands have become green again, filtering out the pollutants man had released in the atmosphere for thousands of years. new strains of beneficial bacteria degrade waste collected over thousands of years and recover it in a single lifetime. The earth is gradually recovering from its precarious position of being on the verge of extinction.

Lumius gave birth to the next miracles.

Eco Green Life.

The earth's resurrection has turned the former consumers into a whole new species. They now live on eco-friendly organic farms with a desirable green life. Planting trees has become a social norm. Everyone has their own garden to fertilize, waiting for the day when their efforts are rewarded in the harvest. Even these things are developed to a higher, more extraordinary level.

Digital Hybrid

The first mutant plants were discovered later on. There is a type of plant that combines biological entities with digital data transmission. Scientists have named this type of mutation Ancient because they start a new era of species on Earth.
Ancient plants with high economic value mutate with a small percentage with mutant genes passed on to the next generation. Breeding variants are constantly arising, creating thousands of new species.
Hybrid plants have a high level of data exchange due to the connection within the Ancient gene. This creates a network that connects metadata and a cryptocurrency system that the world calls Micoin. The rarer the plants and fruits, the greater their value based on Micoin.

Green billionaires were born here.

Dream City

Leaving the green suburbs with Eco Green-style houses and green gardens, residents of Lumi World will gather in their city.
Dream City offers a wide range of entertainment, including competitions of wit and strength. You can also bid for an area in the city and open your desired service. Dream City never goes away.
Everyday people see a newly crowned champion, a lucky hand holding a huge prize. Famous actors and singers don't pass up the chance to make an impression at Dream City with giant panels and sometimes gimmicky holograms.
One day you might notice that life in Eco Green is a little lackluster, or that your plant breeding program is not generating as much Ancient mutations as you expected.. Don't forget to go to Dream City to meet a couple of friends to unwind and relax to get a break from it all.
Furthermore, you can watch a virtual reality show hosted by a rising singer or play a few games. Maybe you will become one of the new champions of the city.
It's Lumi World, not far from you!