Lumi World
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Unique Feature


The NFT game market is flooded with farming and pet games that do not offer much in entertainment. Lumi World wants to make a difference by offering a holistic ecosystem that combines farming activities, esports tournaments, and business in one game.

Not just making money

Most NFT games are the playgrounds of investors who are not too concerned about the game content. Lumi World wants to reshape that trend. All players have the same opportunities to earn money not only via investment but also dedicated time playing the game. The core value we want to aim for is an entertaining game first and foremost. Simultaneously, players can also earn a certain amount of money to always feel like playing the game.

Free to play

To generate incentive and possibilities for players to experience in the most comfortable and easiest way, players only need to establish and log in to an account to be able to set foot in Lumi World.
Right from the start, each player is given a home garden and a specific number of lots. To begin farming, the player can purchase boxes of seeds from the marketplace. In addition, players can explore the city and entertainment area in the game.

Play to earn

During participating in the world of Lumi World, users are not only entertained but also can earn money from it through:
  • Completing quests, events to generate NFTs.
  • Harvesting crops to obtain seeds and NFT products.
  • Real estate business, building a business in the city.
  • Renting out land on the farm, city land, business establishments, and assistants.
  • Participate in minigames and complete quests that appear in PVP, PVE, and tournament.


All NFTs from the previous versions will still have value in the next version. The former NFTs will become the fuel for the newer ones. Users will have the option to use the old NFTs to burn and mint new NFTs in the next version. This creates a buying pressure that not only preserves the value of the older NFTs, but helps in profitability.
As the next version nears launch, the current NFTs will start to develop a demand. Players can either keep their collection to burn and mint new NFTs or sell these in the marketplace for profits when the next version kicks off. The resulting chain reaction means that as new versions keep launching, the older version NFTs will start to become rare and therefore, the most expensive.
Referral mechanism: The referrers will receive 5% of the total transaction fee paid out by the successfully referred users on the platform.