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As said before, the Free-to-Play model gives players free land lots in their home garden. Players can trade or rent distinct land lots at the Marketplace or directly with other players. The quality of the land has a significant influence on plant traits. Weather elements also have an impact on the cultivating period. An essential element of land NFTs is scarcity. There are three land levels: normal, rare, and extremely rare. The more scarce they are, the higher priced the land is.
Land slots are further divided into five different categories, depending on the fertility:
Very Good
Extremely Bad
Magic land
Alluvial Ancient land
Yellow land
Contaminated land
Lava land
Paradise land
Basalt Red land
Desert land
Hell land
Holy land
Fertile land
Sandy land
Stony land
Battlefield land
Ancient land
Loamy land
Rocky land
Cracked dry land
Moon land
*Deficient lands can be improved with money and time. On the other hand, extremely bad seeds can produce exceptional outcomes when grown on extremely bad land.
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