Lumi World
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Lumiworld is the main part of our metaverse, where all the activities take place. The Lumiworld itself consists of two components, the rural Farming System and the urban, world-encompassing LumiCity.
  • Farming System
Farming is the core activity of all Lumiers and as such, you will have the chance to grow crops and plants. The aim of all Lumiers in farming is to maximize the growth and quantity of your plants. With plants now altered in Lumiverse, growing mutant plants will lead to special NFT-based seeds. The mutations passed onto the seeds will help Lumiers grow more rare and special mutated plants.
  • LumiCity
The full of different minigames and activities that you can imagine. Each game or task gives the players a chance to get their hands on rare mutant NFT seeds and the in-game $LUMI token, along with other items. The mutant NFT seeds can be either used to grow plants or sold in the marketplace. Other items won can be used within the farms.