Lumi World


$MiCoin is an in-game token that could be obtained in a variety of ways. $MiCoin is generated by the system and is proportional to the game's activity density.
$MiCoin can be earned by:
  • Through the reward mechanism of tasks, achievements, diligence ... in the game.
  • Selling raw agricultural products in the game.
  • Harvesting several types of plants.
  • Trading products with other players.
  • Getting awards from playing minigames.
  • Obtaining tournament rewards according to the season.
  • Receiving rewards from the game's publisher partners.
  • Converting from $LMD.
$MiCoin is used in the Lumi ecosystem for certain objectives, such as:
  • Reinvesting in the production of buying: seeds (non-NFT), fertilizers, irrigation water, pesticides.
  • Upgrading avatars to the extent allowed which users can buy with $MiCoin.
  • Upgrading your house; buying furniture and vehicles
  • Purchase tickets to participate in events and play minigames.
  • Signing up for joining tournaments
  • Cost of manufacturing NFT products.
  • Renting assistant under a fixed-term contract.
  • Unlock friend list by expanding neighborhood.