Lumi World


Welcome, players and investors, to Lumi World, an NFT (non-fungible token) game that transports players to the bright future of the Metaverse, is now available. A system creates an environment where users are free to do whatever they want and earn money.

Why's "LUMI"?

We have developed a perfect universe inside a Long-term and Unique game based on available blockchain technology - to generate Marvelous Innovation on NFT game - our Lumi World.
An NFT game in which anyone may earn tokens by playing the game competitively or for fun. This is known as the "play-to-earn" strategy. Players in Lumi World can not only engage in commercial production and city-building operations, but they can also choose real-life occupations and jobs.
The appealing elements of Lumi World include minigames with PVP, PVE, Tournament mode in the Entertainment Zone, doing business, cultivating crops, and even interacting with other players in real-time within the Metaverse.